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Sam Hulst- Contributes some showing tips and advice!

March 21, 2017

Make sure you read the following article from Sam Hulst - Sam is a young talented cattleman who has amazing showmanship skills -!! Thank you Sam!

                                                        3,2,1… It’s Showtime

Spring is here, and along with it comes the beginning of show season for most of us. That means it’s time to start working with your animals more often. It may seem excessive, but to be completely prepared, even for the fall shows, now is the time to start if you haven’t already.

Showmanship has many different definitions, and every judge is going to do it differently, but when most people think of showmanship they think of being in the ring, and maybe the preparation before that. Though in most instances, showmanship is an everyday task that can start months before show day. Judges consider a lot of things when judging showmanship classes and each judge is going to find certain things more important, but each judge uses the same “list”:

  • Cleanliness, grooming, and hair
  • Animal behavior- how well it is trained to lead, how well it knows you
  • How well both you and your animal are accustomed the show stick
  • How well it sets up with and without the show stick
  • And of course the showman—Attire, Attitude, Attention/Awareness, and Ability

If you look at this list, you can see how showmanship is much more than a one day project. Every single consideration can be worked on and perfected at home over time; this will give you a huge edge in the ring. There are certain things I personally like to do when prepping my show cattle. Corresponding to the first list:

  • Wash and blow dry as often as possible, but more importantly… do it well.
  • This one is as simple as spending time with them. Even if you aren’t working them
  • Practice showing. Bring your showstick and lead your calf in a circle just like the show
  • Simply put… the more you set your calf up, the better it’s going to set up in the ring
  • Watch experienced showman, listen to the judges, and then practice practice practice.

Whether your first show is next weekend, or months away, showmanship starts now!

Sam Hulst

Save the date: May 5-7 at the mower county fairgrounds is MJSC. Even if you don’t show there are clinics on clipping, fitting, and showmanship. A great learning opportunity